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ALgorithmes et Programmation Scientifique

ALgorithmics and Programming in Science


Welcome to the homepage of ALPS, one of the expert groups of the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Hub from the C3BI, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. ALPS group uses advanced computer skills in programming, algorithmics, visualization and software development to address issues of Pasteur’s teams by creating new software and methodologies. Developing scalable methods and visualizing results are a critical necessity in today’s research: ALPS group contribute to this goal by developing fast and efficient tools.

Institutional webpage

More details about ALPS (members, main projects, publication list):

Programs and Tools

Beautiful Pattern Matching (BPM) || a software for exact pattern matching of DNA

Bioconvert || a collaborative project to facilitate the interconversion of life science data from one format to another Pypi Build Coverage Doc Install with

Counter RNAseq Window (CRAW) || a software to compute and visualize the coverage of RNA seq experiment Pypi Build Coverage Doc

IntegronFinder || a program that detects integrons in DNA sequences Build Doc

JASS || a python package that handles the computation of the joint statistics over sets of selected GWAS results, and the interactive exploration of the results through a web interface

MacSyFinder || a software providing a flexible framework to model the properties of molecular systems Doc

MacSyView || an HTML5 interface to facilitate the analysis of results of the MacSyFinder tool

Quality-aware fastq demultiplexer (qaf_demux) || a program demultiplexing fastq data having “in-line” barcodes

SHAMAN || a SHiny Application for Metagenomic ANalysis including the normalization, the differential analysis and multiple visualizations

SynTView || a comparative and interactive viewer for microbial genomes

TXSScan || models and profiles for protein secretion systems (more informations)
Download the protein profiles and the MacSyFinder models


MacSyDB/TXSSdb || a database of protein secretion systems in 1,528 complete genomes of bacteria with diderm-LPS cellular enveloppes. The models and profiles are to be used in conjunction with MacSyFinder and MacSyView